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In a function organized by Indian Medical Association
 Aurangabad (M.S.), on 11/12/2014.
Delivering speech in the function organized by Indian Medical Association , Aurangabad, on 11/12/2014

Hindi – Marathi Poet & Writer Mr. Manik Munde

Receiving Ahindibhashi Hindi Seva samman

from Hindi prachar awam shodh sanstha, Bhayandar on 23 feb 2014.

Courtesy : Nav Bharat Times – Mumbai. Date : 03/03/2014

Alarm of Silence by Manik Munde

Published on Aug 3, 2013
Silence is the true language of poetry. It allows you to understand the unspoken, feel the magic of what you have always known but never experienced. In this noisy age of the performance arts, where everything is so much larger than life, it is this quality that allows poetry to stand apart as the whispers of God. Like great music, poetry reaches where nothing else can. It touches our heart, raises our spirit, and lends a purpose and will to our existence. It makes us who we are. Manik Munde’s poetry has a charming, visceral quality so rare in our time. I have read and enjoyed his poems. I have found them moving. He saunters through everyday life and discovers moments that he captures with sensitivity and imagination to create a charming chiaroscuro of dreams. Though he writes in English, his poetry absorbs many influences from other languages. The most obvious of these influences come from Urdu, a literature from where he has borrowed some very evocative imagery and the lilt of his language. It is this quality that actually defines his work. Read these poems. Experience their magic and their charm. And you will know why Indian poetry in English can often be so special, so unique.
: Pritish Nandy, in the foreword of the book.

Poetry book “Alarm of Silence” written by Manik Munde released on August 2nd, 2013

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